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Do you need to fix dell 966 print spooler?

Someone got dell 966 print spooler

Nowadays, troubleshooting computer problems is an integral part of everyday life. Might be you will need some technical support once you meeting dell 966 print spooler. So, in order to help you solve dell 966 print spooler, we have summarized some ideas for you. So, you can read this article, you will get some inspiration.

What's dell 966 print spooler

Most people are frustrated that dell 966 print spooler stop playing - or freeze or pause - after 7 or 14 seconds or some other small amount of time. Dell 966 print spooler also play for a limited time without sound, whatever you need to do to your volume settings.

What's the reason for dell 966 print spooler

This concern could be due to various factors, including registry corruption, a cluttered hard disk, an unsuccessful program installation, misconfigured files, and more. Nevertheless, whatever the reason, dell 966 print spooler can be a serious one and must be addressed in order to avoid potential data loss.You will need pay attention to this issue and attempt to get a effectively strategy to solve it quickly.

Fix dell 966 print spooler manually

    If you want to find a easy way, The easiest way to is.
  • 1. Go to the official website of the hardware and download the driver for your device.
    2. Open your browser and search for "xxx drivers". Generally, the first one listed in the search result will be the official site.

    3. Please find the model number of your device.

    4. You can find your product by "auto-detect", "Enter your Service Tag or Express Service Code" or "Browse for your product". If you want to download dell vostro 1500 driver, you can find your product by choosing "Laptops", "Vostro", and then "Vostro 1500". Please refer to below image.

    5. You can change the operating system and download drivers designed for your system.

    6. Double-click the downloaded file and install it.

    7. Click "Finish" to finish this installation.

    8. Click "Restart Now" to let the changes take effect.

  • Check Printer connection
    1.Click Start and select Devices and Printers.

    2.As you can see, under Printers and Faxes there isn't Printer, so it prove your Printer don't connect with your pc. IF you Printer appear on this area, showing your Printer connect well with your PC.

    Download printer driver
    1. Click Start and select Devices and Printers. Then a new window show, click on Add a printer.

    2.Keep Printer Port LPT1 and select Standard TCP/IP Port for Type of port. Then click Next.

    3.Then choose TCP/IP Device for Device type and write the available Hostname or IP address and Port name. At last click Next. When you finish this, you can see a new window, select Print a test paper and click Finish.

    Update printer driver
    Click Start and go to the Control Panel, select Device and printers and add a new printer, then you can see a window below, click Windows Update and click Next.

    1.Click Start and select Devices and Printers in the right pane.Then you can see the printer, right click it and choose Printing preferences.

    2.When you see a window like below, click on Advanced.

    3.There are many settings as you can see, like Paper Size, you can set it as A4.Finally click OK.

  • Check PRINTER connection:
    To check whether your printer is connected to computer, you can take small test first, print a copy of text file, if the text can be printed then printer connection is ok, if not, follow steps below to check what the matter is.
    1.Check if the printer is power on.
    2.Check if cable between printer and computer is attached properly.
    3.Open device manager; check whether the printer device is existed under other devices category. If there is yellow circle with an exclamation mark in front of printer, it means the connection is abnormal.

    Download PRINTER driver
    1.Read the user manual of your printer device, find the information of printer brand and model.
    2.Visit the official website of printer, navigate to driver download page.
    3.Locate and click download link to get the driver of your printer model.
    Update PRINTER driver
    1.Click Start button on the taskbar, right click on Computer, choosing Manage.

    2.Computer management window will pop up, find and click Device manager on the left bar, all the devices on your pc will be appeared on right side.
    3.Locate and double click Other devices, find the printer name you want to update.
    4.Right click on it choose Update Driver Software.
    5.You will two options: Search automatically for updated driver software or Browse my computer for driver software. Click the first option; follow the instructions on the screen to complete update.

    1.Click Start -> Devices and Printers, you will enter devices and printers window.

    2.Click printer icon and a secondary window will replace the old one.
    3.You will see three options on the new window, click on customize your printer, and a new window will show up.

    4.It will ask you to select a printer to change settings, choose the right one, clicking OK.

    5.The printer properties window will open, there are several tabs, you can make settings yourself, after setting, click OK.

Fix dell 966 print spooler automatically

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